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Getting Started

Clone project

Method 1: npm init (Recommend)

You can easily clone a repository with just the npm command.

$ npm init vutron

The above method will not create unnecessary documentation and .github related files for your project.

Method 2: Use this template

Click Use this template to instantly create your own project.

This method creates a repository on GitHub immediately, but you will need to clone the project locally before you can use it.

Method 3: Clone this repository

Clone this repo using below command. This method is suitable for direct contributions to the Vutron repository.

$ git clone <PROJECT_NAME>


After cloning the project, run the following command in the terminal:

# via npm
$ npm i

# via yarn (
$ yarn install

# via pnpm (
$ pnpm i

Run in development environment

Applications in the development environment run through Vite.

$ npm run dev

If your application doesn't appear after running command line commands, you may need to review if the default port is being used by another app.

Vite uses port 5173 by default.