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Main vs Renderer Process

A Vutron application is divided into code into a Main process and a Renderer process.

"Main" is the code of src/main and is mainly the process code handled by Electron. "Renderer" is the code of src/renderer, mainly for front-end rendering process like Vue.

In general, Node.js scripts cannot be run in the renderer process. Examples include modules that contain APIs used by Node.js, or native modules of Node.js such as path or net, os or crypto.

Preload scripts are run before the renderer is loaded. It creates a bridge to the main process to keep the execution of Node.js scripts in the renderer area separate and isolated for security reasons.

For secure script execution, it is recommended that the main process executes the Node scripts, and the renderer receives the execution results via messaging. This can be implemented via IPC communication.

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How to run Node.js on a renderer?

If you want to skip the security issues and use Node.js scripts in your renderer, you need to set nodeIntegration to true in your vite.config.ts file.

  nodeIntegration: true

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