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Automated Testing ‚Äč

Vutron includes automated testing. The testing framework uses Microsoft's Playwright.

Playwright is optimized for web application testing and has full support for the Electron framework. It is simple to install, requires no configuration to start testing immediately, and is cross-platform. You can learn more about Playwright here:

Only very simple launch and behavioral tests for the template main screen have been implemented in this template. Advanced testing will depend on the scope of your application.

Currently, the test specification file is located in the tests directory and the test results file is located in tests/results. (The built-in test specification file does not generate a separate results file.)

The Playwright configuration is playwright.config.ts in the project root, see the following documentation for more information on this:

Once everything is configured, you can run a test with the following command.

$ npm run test

Before running the test, empty the build directory (dist) and compile the package for the test.