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Preload Script ‚Äč

The preload script in Electron.js is a secure area designed for communication between the main and renderer processes. It is typically used for IPC communication.

For more information, see the following articles

For compatibility and security with the latest version of Electron, we do not recommend using the old electron/remote module. If you want to utilize system events or Node scripts, it is recommended to do so in the main process, not the renderer.

Vutron's preload script is located in the src/preload folder. To create a new IPC communication channel, add the channel name to the following variable to whitelist it for communication.

  • mainAvailChannels: Send an event from main to renderer. (window.mainApi.send('channelName'))
  • rendererAvailChannels: Send an event from renderer to main. (mainWindow.webContents.send('channelName'))

When sending events from renderer to main, you access the window.mainApi object instead of ipcRenderer.send. The mainApi is the name you set in your Vutron template and can be changed.

Here are the supported functions for mainApi:

  • send: Send an event to main.
  • on: A listener to receive events sent by main.
  • once: A listener to receive events sent by main. (Handle only one call)
  • off: Remove an event listener
  • invoke: Functions that can send events to main and receive data asynchronously.

To change and modify this, you need to modify exposeInMainWorld in src/preload/index.ts.